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Through leading design and production expertise, Interplex is enabling the advanced healthcare and medical technologies which support longer and healthier lives.

Extending Healthy Lives Through Medical Advances

Medical science and technology are advancing each year, resulting in heathier and longer lifespans, and better medical treatment options. Whether it’s breakthroughs in medical equipment, or improvements in designs of medical devices, Interplex is at the forefront, supporting these advancements.



Oral Health Care

  • Electric Toothbrush

Sleep Apnea Care

shutterstock_1424031269 (sleep apnea)
  • Airway Pressure Devices

Interconnect Solutions

  • Custom Connectors
  • Cable Assemblies

Interplex as your Instinctive Partner

Product Development Partner

  • Product Development
  • Engineering and Design
  • Prototypes and Models
  • Clinical and Tissue Labs

Interplex partners with clients across the entire product development life cycle, from early stage product development—including voice-of-the-customer research in a clinical setting—to developing the product input document for our client’s medical products and devices.

Proven Track Record and Scale

  • Expertise and Processes
  • Global Reach
  • Innovative Design

Here at Interplex, we bring to the table unmatched clinical knowledge and engineering expertise, married to a robust product development process that spans quick-turn functional prototypes to pre-production short-run clinical studies. Furthermore, we’re integrated with multiple facilities across the Americas, Europe and Asia, which means seamless integration of product and services and a faster time-to-market for you.

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Your Instinctive Partner for Medical Product Design, Engineering and Production

With our team of expert engineers and researchers, we’re constantly powering new waves of medical innovations and breakthroughs to revolutionize the medical and life sciences markets.